is this the end or is this a NEW BEGINNING???

a lot things happened for the past two months: went back to the philippines for the 2nd time, went to japan, end (???) a friendship that was never a friendship at all, and now back to the old me.

-- went back to the philippines for the 2nd time: last year, after 12 years of haitus from my homeland, i decided to go back "home". this year was no different. i went back to relax, get to know more the new family members (cousin's neices and nephews), and explore the country better. the only "new" thing that i did this year was that i asked J to come along -- we really did the tourist thing this year.

-- went to japan: since japan is basically right next door from the philippines, J and i took a side trip to japan. watched a sumo tournament, went on an excursion to mt. fuji and surrounding area, day trip all over the city of japan, party @ the rippongi area, and stayed @ a very nice hotel, and got lucky on the flight back (we got bumpped from economy class to business class). by the way, business class is not new to us, our trip from new york to manila is business class so one economy class ride out of 6 flights is not bad.

-- end (???) a friendship that was never a friendship at all: by the time J and i got off the car at the manila airport, J just walked away and did not look back to see if i'm behind. we only see each other on the plane. no talking, no yapping. i didn't dare to ask why the change but i am still confused. by the time we got back home, before J drove away, i told J that we'll talk about the bills. that was the last time J and i talked. that was 4 weeks ago. who knows.......

-- now back to the old me: since J and i are no longer friend or as J said it, "we are just acquaintance", i'm back to being me again. less issue, less drama and i can just be me.


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