between now and then...

it's been a while since i posted a blog. so what basically happened between now and then....hhhmmmmmm

well to start, i've been busy during the last 2 weeks of november finishing up my origami cranes -- to be used my my decorations for the family christmas tree this year. i managed to make about 100 cranes. it might not be much but hey, folding can be a pain.

another thing that i've been doing this past couple of weeks is dental visits. after not seeing any dentist took a very costly effect on my teeth. i just recently had a root canal the other week and i will have another one tomorrow. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well it actually doesn't hurt, it's just that the tooth is located all the way back and i have to open my mouth.......real wide. i think my mouth was stretched to the max and beyond.

also i'm busy trying to organize my first major vacation in a year. i already book my flights, one hotel (i need to book another hotel for another location), and different activities. i'll keep you more posted as the big comes. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on another note, and i'm crossing my fingers and toes here, wishing to all the shooting stars out there, there will be a major change in my life. NO it't not marriage. I wish....but whatever it is is something that will be good for me. i don't want to say it know, no jinx here.


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