going back to my roots......

people who knows me pretty well knows that i am not religious. i do not blame anyone for it. i guess growing up in a very catholic country where you have to attend church every sunday made a big effect on how i feel religion today. my grade school and high school literally was at the back of a church...typical in the philippines especially if you attended most private school. anyway, moving to the US also made a big impact. learning that as an individual, you have the right to choose your own religion, not because your parents wanted you to be in a certain group. and let's face it, during the past couple of years, the catholic community has been rocked by child molestation accucusations.

about a year ago, i am trying to go back to my religion. it's not that i lost it. even though stop going to church or praying, i still believe in the notion that there is a higher power.


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