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so last nite was movie nite. j and i saw shrek 3. we went to the midnight showing which was great...........less crowded and actually the audience is more interactive (yes, people were responding to every joke...including j). as usual, we went to gyu kaku before that, which basically the cost of my lunch for the whole week....yes, gyu kaku is not a very cheap place especially if you order about 10 servings for meat for only 2 people.

anyhow, today is a momentous event for me. for the first time, i finally did something unimaginable....i went to gathering in support of a good cause. went to the AIDS Walk New York. I am so proud of myself. I managed to collect $180 from co-workers to sponsor me. The amount might not be big but I don't care. It's for a good cause.

By the way, a BIG SHOUT OUT to Cheryl -- my "Campaign Manager". If it wasn't for Cheryl, I definitely would not be able to get the $180 sponsorship.


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