the weeks that was.......

it's been over a week since i last post a blog. what happened between now and then??? let's see...

- i bought my own cake for my birthday. desperate, yes. tasty, hell yeah. at least my two nieces were excited to see a birthday cake than none at all.

- since i have j's car, i decided to visit geli and andrew in brooklyn. they've been asking me for a while but since distance was an issue, i always decline. they had a little barbeque going on in celebration of cinco de mayo, i finally went.

- went to see spiderman 3 with j (this was the first movie j and i saw for the year). but before that, we had dinner @ gyu-kaku where we saw john leguizamo and his family while waiting.

- geli and i planned to walk this past thursday. she had to do a little shopping before she and andrew leave for dominican republic the following day. while in union square, i got a call from j asking me is i have any plan for the nite. j wanted to go to gyu kaku again. met j around 9:45 for dinner.

- last nite, j and i saw 28 weeks later.

what the hell is wrong with all of this?? can someone please explain.


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