ok, i am trying to think of a title but nothing is materializing. i guess there's too much to think about. anyway, i've been looking at some new cell phones lately. i just actually finished watching the instructions on the new iphone coming out this friday. i love it. the only problem is that the carrier to the iphone is at&t. i have a sprint services....and i have one more year in my contract.

what do i want from my cell phone (which the iphone is perfect):
- i want to utilize it more than what i'm presently doing. besides the obvious of using it for calling, i need to get something that i can use as a an mp3 player. also with my hectic work schedule, i need something to use as a calendar for meetings and appointments (this past week alone i had more than 25 appointments - not counting my personnal appointments such as dr's visit). i also need something that i can use when i travel outside the country.

a good source told me to wait for a few months before buying an iphone (if I purse it). since this will be the first iphone, there might be some glitches (good example is the battery problem of the first ipod). and the real review will come out - from "real" people. i can't wait.


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