what's up doc.....

it's been two weeks since i last post a blog. what's up with that???

well in my defense, my internet connection basically is going bonkers on me. after my brother used it, there was no connections. i hate it when he does that. when i beg him to fix it, usually takes dates before he actually fix it (which in this case about a week).

i've been busy lately as well. busy eating. j and i are basically going out to dinner every nite. yes, you heard me right. EVERY NITE. it is costing me $$$$$$$$$$$. i have no issue going out but spending about $50 for dinner every single flippin day can be way too much. i need to learn how to say no (i should make a note of that).

also, i've been learning how to domesticate myself -- meaning learning how to cook. two weeks ago, i made a carrot muffin. i was bit disappointed with the result. not that it taste bad, it was just that the muffin did expand or lift. so the result was like mini-muffins. my mom told me that she like it better than my ube cake. even my nephew Dylan love it. i think he had 4 or 5. so in the end, i was pleased.

yesterday, i tried to make a meat loaf. the recipe specifically mentioned baking but my mom suggested steaming. the end result was ok but i am not to thrilled with this one. maybe i will a more traditional dish like embotido. i think that a lot better than the all american meatloaf


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  2. You can watch the food channel to learn a few things. You have to keep cooking. It's the way youcan learn. Nice blog!



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