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dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

nothing much to do this weekend. no new movies out that j and i would pay $11 each. so i rented 4 movies from blockbuster. dead silence (scary), are we done yet (comedy), pathfinder (action), and i think i love my wife (comedy). usually that would cost me about $5 each but thanx to j's discount card, i paid only $2 per movie.

i was planning to go out last night by myself but i chickened out on the last minute......we'll i was just tired and i am sticking to that story. weekend had become my day to catch up with sleeping (and i DO NOT recommend doing this - bad habit). last night was the first night that i went to bed before 11 pm.

this morning, grandma asked me to fix the door in the foyer. you (dom) broke one of the glass and needs to be replaced. i guess your a strong kid that punching a glass door doesn't scare you. luckily you didn't hurt yourself. grandma was mad what you did but was concerned more that you might injured yourself. tsk tsk tsk....


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