the bourne saga...............

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

since there was nothing else to do yesterday, i decided to take you (dom) with me to central park. i was suppose to have a v-ball practice but by the time we got there, no one was around. on the way to the court, i found a pin on the ground to gain entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. although the fee to get inside the Met is by donation (or suggested donation of $20 for adult), i was too cheap to even give one. so i took the pin and decided to go to the Met (even if you - dom - don't want to go).

after the met, we walk all the way to FAO Schwartz. i prefer not to go to a toy store especially if one of you guys are with me since I know you guys are bound to request to ask me to buy a toy. but you (dom) was so adamant to go and buy a submarine (we saw some kids playing a toy motor boat on the pond in central park).

we didn't find any submarine but we found a $50 sailboat. i'm sorry but i have to set a boundary somewhere. as much as crying you (dom) did, i will not buy a $50 toy that will last for only 1 day (you tend to break toys easily - and that goes to the rest of you as well).

since i wanted to walk SoHo, we took the train downtown. of course there is no toy store down there, but I just want to walk around the area since i haven't been there in a while.

we didn't get home by 8 pm.

at about 9:30 pm while eating dinner, i got a call from j. surprise, surprise. j's plan got cancelled and wanted to know if i wanted to catch "The Bourne Ultimatum". i could have said no but i was not doing anything so i said SURE!!!.

the theater where we normally watch movies, their last showing for the night was 10:35 pm. we got there around 10 but the movie was sold out. i thought would just go ahead with our original plan of watching it on monday. but guess what, j wanted to try to find another theater.

we basically ended up in times square where the movie was almost sold out as well. we catch the 12:35 am showing and j's friend eric joined us. by the way, we went inside the theater at midnight and there was already a line to get inside. SWEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

In any case, we still got a good seat right smack in middle.


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