oopppss....I did it again.

deaer jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

ok. here's the deal about my inconsistency this week. I know this is not excuse but just to let you guys know happened. somewhat like a week in review about me...

stayed late for work. had a v-ball game around the union square area that started around 9 pm. played with the last season's team and basically killed them (3-0). after the game, met with j (asked j earlier if i can get a ride home). we decided to have dinner @ gyu-kaku. we're the last customer for the night. another expensive dinner.

after work, j asked me to meet for dinner. mind you, from work, i went home, change my clothes, then went back to the city. i thought it was only me and j, but pedro (the gym friend) was there to join us. we went to st. mark's area for dinner.

by the time we drop pedro in queens, it was already close to midnight.

left home 5 to 7 am for while. raining really really hard. the express subway changed to a local train. which means they'll stop on every designated stop on the local track. by the time we reach the last stop before manhattan, the conductor said that the service had been suspended. reason: water on the tracks.

the only option was to take a shuttle bus. little did i know that all the subway system in the city was flooded. so as soon as i got off the subway, there we hundreds of people also waiting for the shuttle bus. i tried to hail a cab but guess what, the others who does not want to get into the bus is also hailing for a cab.

i cross the bridge and made it to manhattan. i thought that i would get lucky hailing a cab as soon as i get inot manhattan. no way jose. it was much worst. i was standing in the corner of 138th st. and lexington when i decided to walk downtown (while trying to hitch/hail a cad).

by the time i reach the north part of central park, i made up my mind. i will walk to work. by the way, the rain stopped by by george, it was very very hot and humid. i was planning to take my shirt off but decided not too. why didn't i bring my gym clothes today. why?? luckily, i was wearing sneakers. that was a blessing in disguise.

i left home close to 7 am. i didn't made it to work until 11 am. i walked from 138th to 57th street, i was drenched in sweat.

i worked until 7 pm. people who showed up for work late (in my company) get's paid for half a day. those who didn't showed up, vacation time.

legs didn't bother me when i woke up. it's good that i do walking in central park every now and then.

had to leave work early for a v-ball game. we won. we'll technically the other team forfeited. only one person showed up and you need four to play.

asked j again for a ride home. we stopped by Outback on 56th st. to have dinner. got home around 11 pm.

DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH.


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