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dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

i got in the mail today a letter from bally's telling me that my annual membership is due next month. i am trying to figure out if i should pay it or not. i've been a member since 1995/1996 but to be honest, i barely went. i paid for this past year and guess what, i didn't even showed up once.

i like bally because it's cheap. my one year payment there is a months payment to gravity - this gym that i tried for a year which is right next to my work. what i don't like about bally is that it is cheap....which means everyone goes there. basically one person in gravity is like 20 people in bally's. you have to sign up to use an eliptical machine and treadmill. the equipments are old and worst of all, the service sucks.


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