not another hangover......

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

woke up this morning (and still have) a horrible hangover. last nite, me with gel and andrew around lower east side to celebrate gel's new job. we ended in a bar around alphabet city. can't remember the name. anyway, they bartender said they have over 150 beers from all over the world. since they have that so many choices, i would assume they would have my beer -- labatt from canada. guess what, they do have a canadian beer but not labatt. bummer. so i order an american fruity beer that tasted like blueberry -- eeeeeewwwwwww.

after finish my fruity beer, i ordered a belgian beer named lucifer. it doesn't taste that bad. it's better than the blueberry. then gel's sis (precy) and bro (don) showed up. they decided to order everyone an irish "something" that basically killed me. it was so strong that by the time i finish drinking it, i was feeling wasted. yes, i am not a drinker so 3 drinks gets me drunk. in any case, i did manage to get home safe and sober. i just basically just feeling the effect this morning. aww.......


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