STOP PUSHING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

it's it just me or the NYC subway system getting crowded every year. about a year ago, everytime i leave home for work at 8 am, i tend to get a seat at least once a week. but during the beginning of the school season this year, i have no luck at all. i tried to leave at 7:30 am and guess what, not working as well.

yesteday was no different. by time the train reach manhattan, the train where i'm at was already packed. this high school kid was shouting "stop pushing me" everytime we stop at a station. i don't blame him since people are trying to get it even though you can tell it was already crowded. but i think he was asking for it since he decided to stay next to the door.


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