walk in the darkside.....

dear jo, dom, em , dylan, and nicky:

for the first time in gods know when, i decided to walk around during my lunch break. doing this has been very scarce for me since my appointments at work usually takes up my time. either they're late or they are early. so basically they ruin my lunch plans.

today, i made sure that i do go out. although i resent going out because of the tourist crowd around my area, i just want to take a break.

i went to nike town and see if i find a new sneaker. i found this basketball sneaker that i might purchase...and guess what, it's on sale. let see if by the end of this week i still like it.

after work, pass by the bestbuy on 44th st and 5th ave. i was checking out to see how much is the new "halo 3". i have the previous halo and an avid fan. i was hoping to buy the new game but i realized that i can only play it with xbox 360. i only have the old xbox. what to do?? buy an xbox 360?? borrow my brother's 360?? or borrow my bro-in-law's 360?? hhhmmmm.

what do you think?


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