i always wanted to be an abercrombie model..........

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

first of all, the reason why i haven't posted during the past week - i got sick which basically made me weak...and i got busy at work. by the time i get home, i just want to sleep.

anyway, don't let the title fool you. i was surfing the web when i found this....

Stunt by Improv Everywhere

ok, this particular abercrombie store is a block a way from where i work (the other store is located in downtowm manhattan). it's impossible not to look since there's always a crowd outside the store.

i did have an abercrombie & fitch (a&f) phase.....it stopped 5/6 years ago. any a&f stuff i still own and wear would be considered vintage already.


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