do i really have to decide now??

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

why do i have a hard time choosing stuff? for example, i am planning to replace my cell phone. my choices are blackberry and an iphone. both have the same feature that i like - something that i can use when i travel outside the country. iphone would be great since it can play itunes. but if i buy it, that means i have to cancel from my current carrier which will cost me $150 for early termination and the monthly rate will be much higher. if i buy the blackberry, it's more expensive and i have to add more features to the plan. so it's not a win win situation for me.

another one is my vacation issues. i haven't taken a full vacation since january 2007. my cousin wanted me to go to barcelona. i was planning to go back home or somewhere cheaper that UK or Europe. where to go then??


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