red, silver, blue, or clear??

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

just finish doing my christmas decoration shopping. not to happy about it. usually i have something in mind already before buying these stuff. for example, last year christmas tree was inspired by the Natural Museum - origami decorations. this year was suppose to be inspired by the christmas tree from the white house...crystals.

when i reached the store to look for crystals...or at least transparent decorations. NONE. it was a bummer. i had no back-up plans. i can wait for next weekend but that means i will be cutting it close. i saw this purple/lavender decorations. i like it but it would be too dark and i don't want that. silver and blue was something that i did a few years ago. red is something that i try to avoid because it's just bright of a color. what to do??

ok, i actually decided to stay with one color as the focal point but i will add another color just for effects. what color did i go?? just wait after thanxgiving, i'll post a pix here. now if i can just find the perfect christmas tree....oh yeah, we only use real tree, not plastic tree.


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