no way!!!!!!!!!

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

i have no idea what's going with me. i have been slacking off in writing this blog. no excuses to be reason at all except for the fact that i am lazy during the past couple of days...or weeks. i made a promise from the start not to be a slacker but guess what, i am only human.

in any case, i got home very late...or should i say very early this morning. 3 am to be exact. j, eric, and i watched american gangster. the movie started 11:30 pm (including the previews) and ended close to 2:30 am. on the way, we almost got hit not once, but twice.....and this all happened in less 1/4 mile. cars trying to over take and running very very fast. by the 2nd time we almost got hit, all the cars stopped. right infront of us was a car accident. a cab and an suv collided. the front of the suv was a total wreck and same for the cab. it seems like the passenger from the suv was ok but the cab driver on the other hand was different. while j passed on the side, i saw the cab driver lying on the ground....and the deflated air bag. we realized that this happened probably within 5 minutes when we get there. i was thinking of calling 911 but i noticed that 4-5 people who were already calling. it got scared because that could have been us. i thank my god for sparing us.

on a lighter note, in a few hours, daylight saving time again. one less hour of sleep. bummer.........


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