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dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

i should not be here right now typing this blog. i was suppose to be at the gym taking this spin 101 class. i am not new to spinning but the last time (which was also my first one) i took it, i walked out after the first 5 minutes. it was brutal and i was in pain the whole week. yes yes, i know that sounds i'm out of shape. who can blame me? i am not into physical exertion. anyway, if i haven't told you yet, i am back in the gym. cost me a lot of money but i am looking at the future outcome....not there's any.

anyhow, like i said, i should be at the gym right now. but as you can tell, i am not. i have this hangover from drinking last night. it's not as bad as it sounds but i woke up late and my head is just "spinning" a bit. geli and i decided to meet up after work and grab a drink. since i was hungry, i told her that i want to eat first. she recommend going to st. marks area again but i told her that i (we) need a new scenery. so i suggested the west village area.....down the hatch bar.

on the way to bar, we stopped at this random restaurant called Kingswood. It was about 7:15 pm so the place semi-empty. we were seated on the front window area (which was kewl by the way) but next to this two wall street type guys who just doesn't know when to stop talking. anyway, the ambiance was nice and food was great. we order steamed mussel for starter. it was ok but i had better. for main course, gel ordered their famous Ruby's Bronte Burger and i the roasted chicken. for drinks, we settled for a bottle of pinot noir. now, since we ordered a bottle of wine that cost us more than we normally spend for a drink, we decided that we'll just have dinner and not go drinking afterwards......what can i say, NYC is not a cheap place to eat or drink.

anyhow, by the time we left the restaurant (that was about 9 or so), the place was already packed. the two over the top wall street guys was still there (which gel and i agreed that they should stop the yapping foreplay and just get a room). gel and i parted ways on christopher street. gel on her way to see her boyfriend and i on my way home.


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