oh how i love by coronitas............

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

it's been over a week since i posted my last blog. i've been hittin the gym pretty hard lately (yeah right!!!!!!!! - being sarcastic here). we'll since i can't go to the gym early in the morning, the only solution is to go after work.....which means after 5 pm. but i don't exactly go to the gym after work. i usually go around 6:30 since that's when the gyms becomes less crowded. i actually went there one time last week at around 6 pm and guess what, no treadmills/elliptical machine available. so i just walked out and went back to the office to wait for 6:30 pm.

anyway, gel and i decided to meet after work again. she was with her sister (precy) who is going to a party but just decided to hangout with us for a while. gel suggested to go to this tapas bar in the east village. i was up for anything so i just said go ahead.

as soon as we went to the place, i finally realized that i've been here before. it was in the 2000 when my and my volleyball teammate had a team party in this bar. i remember it vividly since this was the place where my my former team captain kissed one of my teammates (and by the way, my team captain was married -- not to the teammate). scandalous.

anyway, the place is called xunta. the place is very small. so you can actually listen to the conversation of the people next to you. in any case, we ordered a bucket of coronitas. it's basically the smaller version of the regular coronas. like the lady sittin right next to us, "that is so cute, it's like the drink that you order on the plane"....giggle everywhere. just to let you guys know, it's way much bigger that the drinks on the plane. it's just cute to see a smaller version of corona.

we didn't drink much since the snow begins to come down pretty hard. we don't want to get caught in a snow storm so we left pretty early. before headin home, we stop by venieros to buy some miniature puff pastry...and coffee for gel.


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