it is summer alright...........

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

it's's very very hot (well actually more of humid). it's like 90% humid this past week. as i type this blog right now, i am sweating like sheat. i have the ceiling fan on but it's no help all. i just want to take off all my clothes and soak in the bathtub.

well you'll probably wondering what i've been up too lately. well i am enjoying playing my nintendo wii. love the tennis and bowling games. i'm already a professional in both event. how about the wii fit? still thinking if i should venture going to that long line again.........still thinking.

i am a tvholic and not afraid to admit it. here's some of the shows i am watching this season just to a few (and in no particular order):

- i survive a japanese game show (abc)
- flippin out (bravo)
- dealist catch (discovery channel)
- my life on the d-list (bravo)
- ghost hunters international (sci-fi)
- jon & kate plus 8 (tlc)
- food challenges (food network)
- so you think you can dance (fox)

i also like to surf youtube. new things to find....and to end this blog, I present to you a new find.....Leslie Feist on Sesame Street.


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