to wii or not to wii...........or maybe a mac

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

for the past year now, i'm trying to convince myself of buying a macbook. i purchased a pc about two years ago and it's been serving it's purpose..i have no complaint. i feel like i should get a laptop just for my personal use and something i can carry when i travel. but do i really need another computer when i basically spend most of my time at work in front of a computer and that laptop tends to get outdated faster than a pc.

after so much decision making, i decided to buy a nintendo wii instead - my very first game console that i bought - i had an x-box (gift by "the x"). i got it last wednesday and the plan was to buy the wii fit afterwards.

anyway, the day after buying the wii on my way to work, i figured that since i am early to work, i would venture out the "line" in nintendo world at rockefeller center. by the time i got there, there's about 50 people online already....and we are talking about 6:45 am. i figured that i might get lucky so instead of going straight to work, i would try my luck. i was told by those around me that they give out arm bands (which means you'll get a wii fit) around 8:30. that's good for me since work actually starts at 9 and this gives me enough time to go to work if i don't get the band.

so after 2 1/2 hours of waiting, they started handing out the bands.......question: did i get it?? as much as i want to say yes, i didn't get one. they only handed out about 40. what a bummer!!!!!!!!! the guy in front of me cursed while walking away while i on the other hand just walked away.

would i venture out again for the wii fit? i don't want to say no but who knows. if i wait a few more months, maybe i won't have to wait in line.


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