do i look good in ugg????

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

for the past few years, i've resented buying boots for the fact that they are heavy and uncomfortable. the last time i bought one was 8/9 years ago. so everytime it snows, my co-workers ask me why wear a sneaker when a boots is more practical....which by the way is true. i guess i was just to stubborn to do so (and a typical characteristic of a taurus - my birth sign).

anyway, although i am not as stylish as i want to be, i do check every now and then what's hot and what's not. one of my favorite magazine to look at is this japanese men's magazine - men's non-no. ok, i don't read or speak japanese but i like looking at the picture.

back to my story, their november/december issue featured boots and other winter clothing......and guess what, i all of a sudden have the urge to buy one. so here i was looking for something hip and cool....but the only thing i could find was timberlands - very rugged and heavy. i was ready to give up when i stop by shoemania on Union Square (they had the sign 50% OFF on all stock actually that's why i went it) and found this kenneth cole boots. it was the style that i like and very very light. i was ready to buy one when they told me that they don't have my size. WHAT THE FLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all this searching they don't have my size. i also tried searching online at the kenneth cole website but nada. i figured that buying boots wasn't meant to be.

so figuring that i should try one more time, i went to and guess what, they got my boots, my size, and free shipping (plus i got a 22% discount)......what a blessing. anyhow, the boots arrived a day before the winter storm came so i guess all the stars were aligned for me to get my boots.


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