is it reallly necessary for 2009???.........

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

wow. it's already 8:30 am and all of you are still sleeping.....that's a first. i guess staying up late until the wee hour of the morning really got 'ya. well at least you all had fun watching watching the ball drop in times square (on tv of course - temperature outside was -5 so definitely not a good plan to go out). anyhow, everyone was here except your tito rommel (he's still back in pinas).

well it's a new day and a new what to do except make New Years Resolution. right?? same time last year, I posted my resolution and let's evaluate whether it was done or not. they were:
1. go to the gym
- i actually did pretty well on this one especially during the latter part of the year. i had to stop by december because i got a new job in a different part of the city. i haven't join any gym yet because i'll be on vacation soon and it will be a waste of money....but i have one in mind already which is close to my semi-new work. oh yeah, i got a Wii (and Wii fit) so that basically is my exercise for now.

2. find someone (can be a friend or a special someone)
- met a few actually but nothing really materialized. went to a couple of dates but that was it.

3. get a new car
- this one almost happened but with the economy doing it's downward spiral and me getting a new job still under probation, i just have to put this one off for now.

4. continue blogging
- i tried...i really really tried.

5. learn how to play the guitar
- i don't even know why i even put this one on.

What is my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION for 2009? I just want to stay healthy, have fun, and don't worry anymore about small things. I guess those are things that I know I can do and will be able to accomplish for this year.

So what is your new years resolution?


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