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what's up with me and my obsession with cardigans?? i am not a shopaholic by the nature (took me about 5 years before buying a new pair of jeans as a proof) but when i see nice cardigans, whether it's a few hundreds or for less than 30 bucks, i feel like i must have one. started probably about 3 years ago when i saw this guy wearing one in the subway. he was around my age (or a few years younger) and i like the way it look. ok, i know looking good at someone does not mean it will look good at me. but hey, can you blame. anyway, most of time when you say cardigans, you relate it to people in 50's or 60's. but now a days, it's making a crossover to another generation...which is a good thing.

AE Plaid Shawl Collar Cardigan


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