i need a new phone...

for the past couple of months, i've been looking around for a new cellphone (cp). i currently own a blackberry (bb) 9830 world phone. when i bought it over two years ago, it was a big milestone for me. it was the first cp i bought with my own money. the past cp were either a hand me down or a gift.

anyway, after my most recent contract expired this past december, i'm looking around for a replacement. don't get me wrong, i am happy with my current cp. it basically serves its purpose: call and text. yes, i do not subsribe to extra services since most of the day, i am in the office - too busy to do anything else. during the weekend, i have my laptop. if i am out and about, one of my friends usually have a full service that they can check their own cp. but the best thing about my cp, i can use it every time i go back to my other home country.

lately, with the surge of iphone and similar products, i feel like my cp is now outdated. it's not a touchscreen, the earphone jack is not working, and worst of all, it does not have a camera. yes, it does not have a camera. laugh all you want but i do not care. my last two cp prior to my bb had a camera and i barely used it. so having a camera was not a major factor when i bought my bb.

well about two weeks ago, while i was checking my bill online, a new cp from my carrier caught my attention. it's a new android from htc.

it is like the iphone (which is to compete with the rumored new iphone 4g) but better. it has a bigger lcd screen, an 8 megapixel with camera in the back and a 1.3 megapixel in the front for chatting (not that I will use it). it is expected to be release this summer. question is, will i buy it? lets wait and see...


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