i love you as well...

last friday, my nephew and niece (dom and em) asked me to close my eyes because they have a present for me. i wasn't expecting anything really since my birthday was two weeks ago. anyway, they keep telling me not to open my eyes so that they can surprise me - which i obeyed of course.

after going down the stairs with the help of my niece em, they both said in unison's to open my eyes. i was greeted by a bouquet of white carnation placed not in a vase but in a vitamin water bottle and a hand made happy birthday note card. it was an unexpected gift in an unexpected occasion. i gave my niece em a kiss on a cheek and gave my nephew a hug...well it's more of a begging for a hug since he's at that age where he thinks it's yucky to kiss or hug.

anyway, what else can i ask? the gesture might seem simple to most but for me, it means the whole world.


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