me and pac-man...

when i opened my computer this morning, i was surprise with the logo created by google (which by the way is always the case). instead of their usual corporate google "logo", they had a pac-man google icon.

i was a bit curious as to why such a logo? as soon as i placed the mouse above the logo, it mentioned that today is the 30th anniversary of pac-man. has it been that long since i played that game?

i remember when my dad borrowed the atari game console (google it to those who does not know what atari is) from his brother. the only game i could remember playing regularly was pac-man. not to bragged about it, but i actually managed to get 999,999 in pac-man not once but twice. no one really believed me the first time i did but when i managed to do it the 2nd time, my uncle told me that i should stop at 999,999 and record my name. i was a kid back then and seeing a bunch of colorful ghost run after innocent pac-man, i'm sorry, i will keep on chomping.


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