what is in a name???...

according to cnn.com, the social security administration recently released the annual list of most popular baby names here in the US...and guess what, my name is as usual in the top 5 for baby boys. the names in popularity order are: jacob, ethan, michael, alexander, and william.

it's great that my birth name will always be popular no matter but common, there's too many of us. usually when someone ask me my name and they think it's a very nice nice name, i usually tell them that i don't really like it. if they ask me why, one of the best reason i tell them is that there's just too many out there. for instance, back in high school, out of 36 student in the class, i think there was 6 or 7 of us with the same first name. so guess what, i was called by my last name.


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