rain, rain go away...

woke up this morning (a few minutes ago) and the first thing that came into my head was the terrible weather that i dealt with during my recent vacation to florida.

while driving through south carolina (between 7 and 9 pm), we noticed that the sun has not come out yet. it has been raining all night while passing through virginia and north carolina. while i was looking at the left side of the window, i see what i think is a cloud formation..not the good type of thing but it looks like it is starting to look like a funnel. my instinct told me a tornado and that i should be worried. i tried my best to stay calm since i have my mom and the kids in the car. i told them to look at where left side and that I might have to find a safe place. luckily enough, the clouds didn't continue to form and we went forward.

on the way back, we got caught in this sudden downpour of rain at georgia. you can easily tell from far away if it's raining or not - dark clouds and what looks like grayish/brown haze between the clouds and section where it's raining. what surprised me when we hit that section (or when the rain finally caught up with us), was that it was raining really hard. it was really blinding. we saw a lot of cars stopped on the side of the road because visibility was really bad. for those who are brave enough (like us), drove with the hazards light no and driving like 10-15 mph. it last for about 10 minutes but it felt like an hour.

what an experience....


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