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As lay in my bed right now waiting for my body to tell me to shutdown, I'm amusing myself by reading blogs if random individuals that I can find online. i tend to follow certain blogs on a regular basis - which by the way tend to influence once in a while - and there are those that I just like looking at it and then move on to the next.

upon waking-up this morning, before doing my weekly ritual of pre-work stuff, I checked the news and read one of the blogs that I follow. the blogger wrote something about a porn actor who won an award in their industry. Most of you would assume that caught my attention but actually it was not. within the same blog, the blogger mentioned that the porn actor was a former professor in college. it was a bit of a surprise for me. well ok, i should have said that it was not a surprise to me-c'mon, this type of story is similar to a topic at Jerry springer. anyway, this particular porn actor also writes his own blog. i decided to check his blog and after reading some of his post, I was amazed on how well written his blogs and stories were. most of this porn actor's readers recommend that he should be a writer. i too agree with everyone comments but after thinking about it, I would assume he gets paid more in his present job than his previous profession. Oh well, I guess we all have to do what we got to do in order to survive.


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