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after a stressful work week, i was all set to just go home, change into my jammies, and snuggle in the comfort of my bed. but while heading to the atm to get some cash for the weekend, i noticed that there was no line at the museum of modern art (aka moma). friday nights (from 4 to 8 pm) is usually free...which usually means long line to get in - about a full avenue block (for non-new yorkers, the distance between one avenue to next is like 3 streets combined).

back to my story, so noticing that there was no line, i thought that the museum was closed for an event. it's new york on a friday night, what else would it be?? anyway, being the nosy person that i am, i decided to check it out. upon reaching the front doors, i was surprise that the museum was open. as much as i want to go home and take a rest, why skip an opportunity that comes once in a blue moon (i don't mean the free entrance but the fact that there was no line). i figured that since i'll be home anyway doing nothing, why not just waste time and enjoy art. and it's been like 2-3 years the last time went inside moma.


to make meringue you must beat the egg whites until they look like this by david shringley 1998

christina's world by andrew wyeth 1948

endless house project by frederick kiesler 1950-196048


  1. I cannot grasp the idea kung anong connection endless house project sa art. hehe

  2. @andy-I don't know either. i can only say welcome to the world of modern art...



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