gray or white???

for the past couple of years now, my gray hair seems to double every year. in fairness, it's not that bad that i look like taylor hicks (american idol season 5 winner) but it has become very noticeable. i do color my hair at least once a year just to hide it but last year, i skip coloring at all. i don't know why i didn't do it but i figured let nature takes it course. i like it anyway since it gives me a bit of a character and to be honest, i like getting old. also, i have no control with what i inherited from my dad. i remember my dad having a salt and pepper hair. it was hard to ignore that people also assume that he was our grandfather. that was very funny.

anyway, would i stop coloring my hair? probably not. but for now, i am keeping my gray hair.


  1. oo mas nakakadagdag ng character ang white hairs... it's nothing to be ashamed of... mamili ka, ubanin o panot?

  2. salt and pepper hair on a guy is sexy. i wish my hair would go grey, too.



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