facebook fasting - week 3

my craving to log in to my facebook account heightened this past week (well actually even up to this moment). everyone around me is always on facebook - at work, at home, even on the 5th ave apple store plaza (some was using the free wifi hotspot). how can a guy get a break from all this madness. this past week alone, a friend of mine emailed me requesting if i can removed his X on my friends list. since i am on a fasting from fb, i had to request my niece to log into my account, remove this individual, and log off immediately (i don't want people to see me and think i am cheating). anyway, i can admit that i got tempted. i can't want for this fasting to end. please pray for me. LOL!!!!!!!!!


  1. i have faith in you, you can do eeeeet.

  2. amazing Mike!
    i only knew a lot of people who can give up FB.

    this might help you:
    I just realized I don't really want to know everyone's activities and updates at all times.
    And I don't want to share mine to everybody as well. I already have a blog. That's enough to EXPOSE myself. 0_o

    I dont own a twitter and plurk accounts too. I dont want to feel BARE.

    (yan, these work for me! i havent browsed my FB for 3 months now)

  3. @tae - thanx. i can do it, i can do it, i can do it.

    @chyng - i love stalking people (those who post every single minute). is that a bad thing?? :)



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