no shame at all...

** written earlier this afternoon....

how often do see a person singing while listening to their music player??? for me, i would say at least twice every week....unless you include someone who is just plain and simply crazy who sings whether there's music or not.

while i am here in the subway waiting for the train to come, this woman (not a child but a grown a$$ adult) was sing and somewhat dancing at the same time. looking at her attire, i don't think she's mentally challenged. anyway, the platform is very crowded but this does not bother her at all. she was basically living in her own little world. i don't really care what people do in their own space but if an innocent victim (yes, i am a victim) does not have a choice but to listen to a voice only a mother could love (or not), i think that is a major crime. they should just sing at the privacy of their own home or anywhere as a matter of fact but not just here.

okay, i will admit that every now and then i do hum while listening to my iPod. but i don't burst out singing for everyone to hear me. the only time you will hear me sing is during family gathering (usually my family would have to forced me) or at a karaoke bar with friends.

anyway, a capella is great if the person has a great voice. other than that, it's just torture to people listening. and she is just that, torture. my train is coming now. i better make sure that don't go inside the same car she is heading.


  1. Haha I love how easily you described her, I can almost see her in my mind's eye. I sometimes see people (sane people) who sing while walking, even without iPods on. And the expression on their face... you'll think they're on a music video shoot.



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