facebook fasting - week 2

what is this mess that i signed up for?? it's barely two weeks and i am getting facebook withdrawal syndrome. i find myself typing "fa" every time i log on to my computer. i'm just glad that i'm catching myself before i complete the whole thing. to make it even worked, i even removed it from my itouch - although my niece asked me early today why did i do that (she likes to borrow it from time to time).

here is what i found on urban dictionary about facebook withdrawal:

the process of seperating a facebook whore from his or her computer for an extended amount of time. the process is life-threatening and can result in extreme mood swings.

in withdrawal, users may go through four phases:
  1. craving
  2. fear
  3. denial
  4. depression
some cases include instances where individuals try to use MySpace as an alternative, but this ends badly when they realize you cannot just click on the picture to make the next one appear

facebook addiction is an issue with many consequences, one of them being, addiction withdrawal symptoms experienced when the facebook is discontinued. The symptoms of facebook withdrawal at times may be severe, if not life threatening.
amy: why is ryan crying?
sarah: because he can't log onto facebook.
amy: oh, so ryan is having facebook withdrawal?
sarah: yeah, and now he is in the denial stage.

anyway, five more weeks to go. not too excited about it but hey, at least i am trying my best to commit to it.

**note: i am on phase 1 - craving LOL


  1. ooh? talaga lang ha? good luck sa four phases na yan. nwei, e tried forgetting facebook for a day even for a week. how? di ako nag po-post ng status and all i did was just i simply check for the notifications. by on by, i tried to live on it. okay lang naman palang di nag e-fb araw-araw or week for week. hehehehe

  2. Ha believe me, you're not missing too much!!! I am starting to hate my facebook friends haha

  3. i actually use facebook to stalk my friends hahaha..we'll it's not my fault that they keep posting anything and everything about their lives....



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