Is anyone even listening..

while eating my breakfast this morning before heading to work, i decided to watch GMA (good morning america). i was bit surprised on what they have as the main headline. can you imagine that they have charlie sheens' children being taken into custody as the top story?? And the effect of what's going on at Libya and it's affect on the world economy is a distant second. WTF!!! Yes, that was my reaction. what does charlie sheen do to me?? His issues does not affect me one way or another. I feel bad for the dude but c'mon, my financial status is more important to me.

On another news note, one of the top story during the evening news is the ruling in funeral protest case restating the First Amendment principles - Freedom of Speech. Ruling is 8-1. please feel free to make your own opinion....


  1. Charlie Sheen seems to be making a lot of noise in the Twitterverse as well.

  2. enough with the craziness!!!!!

  3. seriously. "news" these days is so hard to define because with the internet, there's this constant hunger for content that must be fed 24/7. now something like charlie sheen is considered news---it's pathetic.



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