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it just dawned on me this past weekend that almost 20 years ago, a major milestone occurred to my family. basically my siblings and I went for a vacation of a lifetime. instead of my mom going back home (which was not to often), she bought us plane tickets to come and visit her. my mom was a single parent already at that time, working as a school teacher....i can't imagine the total cost of the plane ticket back then. it probably cost her about two months worth of her salary. how lucky we are to have such a very loving mother...can't beat that.

anyway, it was the first major trip for us and the best part of it (well for us it was), we traveled alone...yes, unaccompanied minor - scary but true. it was a lot of first for us: first time we actually went inside the airport (not to bid adieu to someone this time), first to travel outside our home country, and first time to ride on a plane. i remember sitting on the planes chair and was amazed how big it was (not anymore of course).

after 16-17 hours of flight from narita, japan (our stopover) to jfk, we finally arrived in NYC. my mom, together with my two aunts and uncle were waiting for us. the first thing that my mom said to us, "did you kiss the ground as soon as you landed??" if, just because it's the US doesn't mean the floor is clean. kidding aside, we know what my mom meant by what she said.....simply we are lucky.


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