what would you give up???

today is ash wednesday, the beginning of lent. it's one of the many religious holiday that i can admit that i follow deeply yearly. i've never miss getting an ash since i can remember.

anyway, a friend/colleague of mine asked me today as soon as she saw the ash on my forehead what would i give up. the usual response would be (and it was the first thing she mentioned) no meat during the holy days especially on fridays. but i know myself pretty well that doing it will never workout. it's not that i have no will power to do so but for some reason, it just doesn't work. most often than not, I will forget about it.

the next suggestion was sex.......no comments on this one. this blog is g-rated so let us move on to the next option.

actually there is/was no other option. not until i read a story on cnn.com explaining the relevance of lent. one of the first suggestion mentioned was giving up facebook. i said to myself, if a friend of mine can resist from opening an account on FB, why can't I give it up for a few days...well a month and a half. i figured that before FB, i was doing other important stuff (well there was friendster..Lol). anyhow, i think that this is something that i can easily give up without any hesitation. so, i do hope i can make it. don't worry, i won't cheat. crossing my fingers and toes.


  1. di ako masyado magtatatalak. at mag fa fast na rin ako sa pagging bully

  2. I think yung "bawal kumain ng laman" refers to sex nga... haha hindi makamove on sa Xrated topic

  3. @ester - good luck

    @glentot - depends on how you interpret the "eating of meat"....on that note, me like MEAT!!!!!!! LOL



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