facebook fasting - week 1

question. would you consider this cheating - asking someone to check if anyone posted on your facebook (fb) page??? the reason why i asked is because i actually did that. i asked a colleague of mine and so is my niece to check it for me. i did it only the day after i started my fb fasting. i just wanted to know if anyone responded to my post (re: fb fasting). that was it. a one time thing. why do i feel so guilty all of a sudden??

anyway, i'm basically asking all my friends that if they want to reach me, they should send a message on my email address rather than leaving anything on my fb account (re: fb fasting). can you imagine that almost everyone prefer to chat on fb or leave messages there. i figured what happened to ym, msn, aol, skype, etc. it's so funny to think that a lot of people are addicted to fb. oh well, it's not my lost if they don't want to contact me the old way - the non-fb way. so funny.

On a different topic, in light of the recent tragedy in japan, i added on this post links to different agencies here in the US where you can submit donations to support those affected by this calamity. i got the details from my work so all of these agencies are legitimate.

** I apologize for not remembering the name of this place. This picture was taken in 2005, my first and only trip so far in japan.



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