don't say i told you so...

last weekend, my 9 year old nephew, niko, asked me if we are going to watch the movie insidious. originally i thought my sister was going to come with us. but since no one confirmed, the plan did not materialized. anyway, a week later (yesterday), i made sure that i got some movie tickets from my work (we offer discounted tickets). i got 10 just in case anyone else wanted to come. so yesterday morning, after all the semi planning, it turned out it was only going to be niko and myself.

the movie had been out for a week now so the movie theater was not packed…well i don’t even know if there were a lot of people who saw it during the first week since i can count with my fingers the people inside the movie theater yesteday.

anyway, since both both niko and i knew that this was a scary movie, we figured that it will be one of those where you will jump from your seat (either from screaming or sudden camera changes). i have no problem watching scary movie but watching it in a dark and almost empty theater can play tricks in your head. while i try to be the cool uncle trying to appear brave, niko who begged me to see this movie basically missed half of it. he covered himself with his jacket and asked me every time if it was over or not. i felt bad that he is not enjoying the scary movie (and the fact that we still went even though i knew he will not watch it).

after the movie, we decided to walk around the greenmarket @ union square since the weather was nice. niko got a $3 pumpkin pie (that he said he like but in the end I ate the whole thing) while i just took some pictures of flowers. we then head to washington square park fountain to watch some performs…niko was not impressed and was getting bored so we just headed straight back home.


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