discretionary day...

so i took my discretionary day today. what is discretionary day?? well at my workplace, if an employee did not use more than 3 days of sick from the previous year, the company gives an employee an extra day for personal use. i could have use it as an addition to my vacation days but i have too much of that as well. so rather than lose it (we must use it by the end of the year), i decided to take it immediately after knowing i would get one.

anyway, it was a perfect day to take it. i would normally stay at home and just get some extra rest. but since the weather was nice, i decided to go out and head to the metropolitan museum of art. i figured that since it's thursday, it will be less crowded.


  1. these are the best kind of days.

  2. on my list is moma too before end of the month. do they charge entrance fee mike?



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