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last thursday after work, i met my friends (college buddies) for dinner to celebrate my birthday. yes, my b-day was a week ago but due to schedule conflicts, we are just celebrating now. anyway, we went to OBAO, a thai-vietnamese restaurant. it’s a very nice place and also good food (although I had better). if you come here on certain days, you might see angelo sosa from top chef series lounging around.

during dinner, i found out that one of my friends who is married and have two lovely twin girls is on a house hunt. another friend of mine who got married this past january is two months pregnant. i was saying to myself, while most of my of my friends are getting married, having children, and buying houses, why do I still enjoy the single life? i know at my age, i should be married, have kids, and probably have a house with white picket fences. but how come i don’t see myself having that stuff at this moment. if things change tomorrow or the day after that, i will accept it with open arms. but for now, i like my "singleness". i guess i will let nature takes it course. it’s not like i have an internal clock that keeps reminding me i need to have a baby soon or else. as I said to my friend jokingly while heading to the subway, if worst comes to worst, i’ll do the madonna thing (i.e go to another country and adopt a baby). malawi trip anyone??


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