it "suits" me alright...

during my recent back to the philippines, i made sure that i visited kings philip’s tailoring located at glorietta 5. most of the suits that i owned are ready to wear (rtw). problem with it is either the pants fit perfectly & the jacket is off or the other way around. most often than not, it had to be altered which is an added extra cost...oy vey...

anyway, as soon as I walked in, the staff was very friendly. i told them what i want - the style, the color and the fabric. the “maestro” took my measurements, paid everything in full, and left to do some other stuff. i was in and out within 20 minutes.

i only had one fitting which by the way was not needed since it fitted me well perfectly – but i do recommend it since you just never know. i picked up my suit the day of my flight back to the US (i was glad that my flight was at midnight).

Kings Philip Tailoring
3rd Floor, Glorietta 5


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