so innocent and adorable…

one of the perks of taking public transportation is that you see adorable stuff every now and today on my way home.

i saw this kid (about 1-2 years old) who saw a baby close to him started to cry (mind you that they are not from the same family). anyway, the kid said something to his mom. i thought he was asking for a snack but it was a toy crane in the mom’s bag. as soon as the mom gave the toy to him, the kid adjusted his seat and made sure that the baby who was crying noticed him. the kid pressed together the leg of the toy crane and the top half of the body started spinning. the kid was trying to amuse the baby so that he won’t cry - which actually worked.

although it was a very short episode – the kid and the mom had to get off – it actually made me feel good...even up to now. just thinking about it makes me smile.


  1. that kid is going to grow up to be a fine, young man.

  2. aaww, what a lovely scene. kudos to the little man! ♥

  3. I agree with you...which is one of the reason why I love taking pubic transportations or just by walking heading home after see the real life story. when ever i have free time I chat with this old lady cigar vendors and she always tells me amazing life reminds me that life is good:)

  4. @thwany-i do hope so...

    @chyng-he's definitely going on santa's nice list.

    @sunny-life is good alright. and it reminds us that kindness still do exist.



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