what is going on...

took me a long time to decided on how to begin this post.  i don't know if there's any logic to this madness/craziness going on but here goes...my last post was about a friend's friend who died from cancer.  now this post is about a relative of mine - i believe 3rd/4th cousin on my mom's side - who died this past weekend.  the sad part about it is that they - yes, they - are siblings, about my age and here's the worst part, they were killed.  i don't want to discuss the details on how it happened but it was tragic.

we are very close them - literally and figuratively.  besides being related by blood, they're our neighbor in my mom's hometown.  heck, their mom is my godmother.

i don't know anymore...i just don't.  

rest in peace em-em and liezl...



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