heaven has a new angel...

Heaven Has A New Angel 

your pain is gone 
your stay was short
your memory will last forever

you've touched so many 
loved by all
there for us we were about to fall

a whisper of an angel your words will be
the glory of an angel your light shall be
our new guardian angel you will be

heaven has a new angel 

- by mark petro

i learned today through facebook that one of my friend's friend passed away early this morning from cancer.  from what my friend told me, she was battling the disease for 2 years and was diagnose during that period from 98% of getting cured to 0% chance.  i didn't ask much since i know my friend is still grieving.   

i met her only twice but during that period, we had fun and we could have been great friends....probably that's why i am still in shock.      

rest in peace....ellien    



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