oh what a year...

**photo credit: nytimes.com
as thousands of people watch the ball drop in times square (in a very freezing weather if i might add), let me say a few words about the previous year.

a big surprise to a lot of my friends the previous year was that i did not go back home - the philippines - for the first time in nine (9) years.  i usually try to go back at least once a year but even before the year started, i already knew that i will skip this time around.  yes, it was a disappointment since i always enjoy going back home but i figured i should do something different.


my very first time to travel to the west coast.  even though it was only for a long weekend, i had a great time hanging out with some of my high schools friends.

**the canals @ venice beach, california


after seven (7) long years since my last visit, i finally managed to go to italy for the 3rd time.  this time though, i took my mom with me as my mother's day present.  met with aunt (my mom's sister) and her family from UK for a small family reunion.

**statue of david by michelangelo

sin city

as they say, what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. :)
**ceiling lobby of aria resort & casino 
**cirque du soleil statue @ aria resort & casino


  1. happy new year! 2012 is really a year to remember. and you enjoyed in travelling

  2. ser mike, gusto ko rin mag italya soon :)))))

  3. ang landi ng last statue.. circus kung circus eh..hehehehe.

    1. oh you should see the rest. i tried to edit some of the pix since i want to keep this g-rated ;)

  4. oh, don't beat yourself over it. you can always come home anytime.




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