talking pictures...

just completed reading (well it's more of looking) "talking pictures" by ransom riggs.  it's the second book i read from this author.  

at first i was disappointed because it was more of a photo book rather than an actual reading book.  but as you turn the pages, the photo as the title suggest, became "talking pictures"...


my mom have boxes and boxes of old photos - her side of the family and from my dad side as well.  growing up, i enjoyed looking at each photo because i know there's always something written either on the front or at the back of the picture.
**my dad 's (he's the tall guy) side of the family.  circa 1959 

**my mom's (2nd row - seated, first female on the left) grade school class picture.  circa 1940's

an excerpt from talking pictures by ransom riggs:

"we are no longer leaving behind a tangible, enduring photographic record of ourselves.  future generations will be far less likely to find our creased snapshots in dresser drawers and attic trunks, as we did those of our ancestors."


  1. and what stories behind those photos...

    1. i don't recall...but what i remember about the 2nd picture (about my mom) is that it has plenty of signatures at the back.

  2. lage na lang ngayun INSTAGRAm..dati talaga napapa senti pa ako sa mga ganitong pix kahit wala naman ako dun..nakakatuwa lang kasi



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