2013 NYC Half Marathon...

had an early day today.  woke up around 4:30 am to get ready and prepare for the NYC Half Marathon.  no, i did not run but volunteered together with my NikeRun running mates.  besides being an early run, it was bitterly cold as well.  i believe the temp was about 30 degrees fahrenheit (or -1 celsius) - not counting the windchill factor.  in any case, it was my first time volunteering in a race.  t'was great hearing runners thanking us for the help.  also, to see elite runners from all over the world which include wilson kipsang of kenya, the bronze medalist from the recent olympic marathon and the eventual winner on the men's side.

**gatorade anyone??

**approx. 15,000 runners participated.
because i volunteered, i am guaranteed a spot for next year's half marathon.  question now is, will i commit to the race.  well found out next year.  :)


  1. ang tagal bago masagot ang tanong nato. hahaha.

    pupusta ako na oo, tatakbo ka next year. nagboluntir ka na ser ngayon e. kaya may intensyon :)

    1. definitely the intention to run is there...i can say i'm 90% sure i will run this next year.

  2. goodluck... pwede pang maiba 'yang isip mo...mahaba-haba pa naman ang time!

  3. i thought you ran. good luck on next year, pare.

    1. i wish but i'm eyeing for next year.



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